Event Questions

How do I donate to the JWOH?
The easiest way to donate is online.  You will see all the sponsors and teams listed online. CLICK HERE TO DONATE!

You can also donate by sending in a check to:

Community Foundation for the Alleghenies
216 Franklin St. Suite 400 
Johnstown, PA 15901

When your check is processed, your donation will appear on the JWOH web site. We appreciate donations of ANY amount! 

Can I participate if I don’t belong to a team?
Yes, you can! The event is open to anyone to come and walk. You will see many teams there walking but you don’t have to be part of a team to participate.

Is there an admission fee at the gate?
No, there is not an admission fee. There is an opportunity to donate at the gate but it is not required. Many of our teams and team members raise money all year long and don’t donate at the gate. If you wish to donate, we welcome any size donation that you are comfortable with. Every penny donated at the gate goes directly to help cancer patients with their outstanding bills.

How do I go about creating a team?
Email www.johnstownwalkofhope@gmail.com or send us a message under the "Contact" page with your team name and we’ll contact you for more information. Your team will be created on the Johnstown Walk of Hope donation page managed by the Community Foundation for the Alleghenies.

If I have a team, what are the requirements or fundraising?
There really are no requirements. The teams will sell their team t-shirt for $10.00 and the proceeds go toward their team total. You can also ask for sponsorships from businesses and donations from friends and family. There is not a minimum amount that you need to raise. Each team can set their own goal!

How many people do I have to have on a team?
As few as two or as many as you like! There are no requirements. We just want you to enjoy the event, participate and do as much as you are able to. 

Do I have to walk a certain number of laps?
No. This event is whatever you’d like it to be. You can walk one lap, one hour or the entire time. You can even just come and watch from the side line. 

How are cancer survivors recognized at the walk?
The Sole Survivor Team is the largest organized group of cancer survivors and is a presence at the JWOH! We have a dedicated Survivor Lap and a luncheon for survivors and caregivers in the Johnstown High School cafeteria. All cancer survivors are welcome at the lunch and you can sign up for the luncheon at the Sole Survivor Tent.

Who receives the donations?
The funds raised are distributed to the three agencies in the area that treat ADULT cancer patients.  UPMC Hillman Cancer Center, Conemaugh Cancer Center and Joyce Murtha Breast Care Center also have teams, raise money for their patients and help distribute the donations to their patients in need.

What if my child has cancer and is not treated in the area?
There is a Children Are Precious fund that was created to assist families who have to go out of town for treatment for their child. We provide travel gas cards for appointments and financial support as needed. We work with the social service department at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh to provide the assistance. Contact johnstownwalkofhope@gmail.com if your child is in treatment out of town.

How do I go about getting assistance?
At any of the three treatment centers, talk to your nurse or financial assistance staff about your overdue bills.  They will review your situation and options. To make a request to the JWOH, a simple application is made and submitted along with a bill for medications, deductible or physician fees. The application is reviewed and paid directly through the Community Foundation for the Alleghenies. The money does not go directly to the patient.

Does the JWOH only assist with medical bills?
Each request is reviewed on an individual basis and with the recommendation from the agency staff regarding the patient's need. 
Patients who are up to date on medical bills often fall behind on other bills. The JWOH can assist with those others bills as well.

Do you have to live in Johnstown to receive assistance?
NO! The JWOH is held in Johnstown but the assistance is for ANYONE in treatment at our partner agencies. We’ve assisted patients throughout Cambria, Somerset, and Bedford Counties.

What if I’m no longer a patient in treatment but have outstanding bills?
At this time, the financial assistance is for current patients receiving treatment. If you are still an active patient at a provider, ask to speak to the financial assistance staff for help.


How does our business become a donor or sponsor? Is our donation tax deductible?
We have a sponsorship form with three levels of sponsorship. $250 (Bronze) - $500 (Silver) and $1000 (Gold). Contact us for the form to become a sponsor. This form will be completed and mailed to the Community Foundation of the Alleghenies. They will also provide you with any tax deduction IRA information you may need.

We appreciate the annual Event Sponsorship from Laurel Auto Group – Ann Harris Smith Foundation since we started in 2016. They cover the cost of the t-shirts and other expenses so that ALL sponsorship and donations get to patients and not overhead costs.

The Greater Johnstown School Districts donates Trojan Stadium, the cafeteria for the luncheon and staff for the day.

What do we get for our sponsorship?
Your sponsorship is recognized on both our Johnstown Walk of Hope website as well as our donation website. We recognize your business with a sign at the event, in the press releases, and on our social media sites. Your donation is divided between the agencies and gets directly to patient needs. Your business is welcome to also have a team, where your team t-shirts will have your business name on the back. We don’t pay for ads in the paper or provide our sponsors with “perks”. We pride ourselves on getting ALL donations to patients.

Additional Questions?

Contact us! We are looking forward to speaking with you! 

Thank you!