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Q: Who receives donations?

A: The funds raised are distributed to patients who find themselves behind on payment of medical and household bills. Patients receiving assistance need to be in treatment at Joyce Murtha Breast care Center, UPMC-Hillman Cancer Center, and Conemaugh Cancer Center.

Q: How do I go about getting assistance?

A: At any of the three treatment centers, talk to your nurse or financial assistance staff about your overdue bills.  They will review your situation and options. To make a request to the JWOH, a simple application is made and submitted along with a bill for medications, deductible, or physician fees. The application is reviewed and paid directly through the Community Foundation for the Alleghenies. The money does not go directly to the patient.

Q: Do I have to walk a certain number of laps?

​A: No, there is no requirement for how many laps you have to do. You can walk as many or as few laps as you would like. You can even just come and watch from the sideline.

Q: Can I participate if I do not belong to a team?

A: Yes, you can! The event is open to anyone to come and walk. You will see many teams there but you do not have to be on one to walk and participate in the event's activities. 

Q: How do I create a team?

A: Email johnstownwalkofhope@gmail.com or send us a message under the "Contact" tab stating your team name and we will reach out to you for more information. From there your team will be managed on the Community Foundation for the Alleghenies website under the Johnstown Walk of Hope page. 

Q: What if my child has cancer and is not treated in the area?

A: The Children Are Precious fund was created to assist families who have to go out of town for treatment for their child. We provide travel gas cards for appointments and financial support as needed. We work with the social service department at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh to provide the assistance. Contact johnstownwalkofhope@gmail.com if your child is in treatment out of town.

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Q: Is there an admission fee at the gate?

A: NO, there is NO cost to attend. There is an opportunity though to make a donation at the gate. We appreciate any size donation that goes directly to help patients with outstanding bills. Purchases at the concession stand, t-shirt sales, and basket giveaways also support our mission.